Posted by: wantpeacework4justice | September 29, 2008

Color Weekend on the Grand Mesa

Color weekend is one of the most popular weekends on the Grand Mesa.  The Grand Mesa is famous in Colorado as being one of the top spots to view fall colors. 

Chris and I spent the weekend remodeling the bathroom and laundry room in my house which is on Hwy 65 – a scenic byway.  Everyone has to drive right past my house to get to the top of the Mesa.  On Saturday, Chris put the toilet in the front yard.  I think people really liked this lawn decoration as they were driving past.  (On Sunday, the busy day, we put it in the back – thank goodness).

We had lots of visitors over the weekend – and friends beeping as they drove by… One visitor, though, was unexpected… Goob.  Goob is my roommate’s dog.  My roommate, Kristen, is currently housesitting about 3 miles up the road at Demi’s house.  Well, at about 5 in the evening, while Chris and I were in the back of the house working on the foundation, Goob came to the back of house to say hi.  I thought Kristen must be at the house, but thought that would be odd, because she usually is at work at that time, so I went to the front of the house – no Kristen.  Chris thought he heard a car-door, so he was sure that Kristen dropped off the dog and took off to drive back home to Washington to get out of town.  Well, he had me suspicious, but my first thought was that the dog walked down the highway to stop for a visit (She was very thirsty when she got to the house)… And, that is what happened.  Probably picked the worst day to do it – the most traffic of the year, but she didn’t have any problems apparently… And, I think people driving up the mesa are usually vigilent for animals.


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