Posted by: wantpeacework4justice | September 15, 2008

Simmer Down

Seems like there is more attacking than supporting these days: character assassination rather than issue-oriented discussion; pre-judgment rather than thoughtful and qualified decisions;  and blame rather than discovery.

I witnessed ugliness this weekend.  People fighting with other people, angry that they didn’t see things the same way.  These people actually got mad – really mad at each other.  I felt like I was on an elemenatry school playground and the school bully called a kid gay because he liked New Kids On the Block.

We still have almost two months to go until this election season is over and things are so hot out there right now, I think some brains are frying.  Although this is an important election with historic candidates, Republican, Democrat, or Independent, we are all still Americans.  Part of living in a free society means we are all free to make our own decisions.  Part of being a grown up means respecting other people’s decisions.

If the candidate that you support doesn’t get elected, the world is not going to end tomorrow.  Yes, things might happen that we don’t like, that will effect our lives in ways that we don’t want, but that’s the way our Republic works.  Heck, that’s the way life works.  You can only control yourself.

As a nation, we vote for the people that we want to represent us, and if they win, they lead. If they don’t, then someone else will lead. It’s pretty simple.

Of course, there are things that you can do to. Be informed. Don’t trust everything you read or hear, especially if you are listening and trusting just because you agree with their politics. Read and listen to lots of different sources. Find the original source of information when possible.  Also, don’t trust the propaganda pieces sent out by political action groups.   Of course, they have one thing in mind:  getting their candidate into power.

Don’t only talk with your friends and family about the issues, LISTEN. Hearing other people’s perspectives can be really helpful. 

Remember that politicians are just people with human strengths and weaknesses and that no one person can solve (or cause) all of our problems.

And most importantly, vote on Election Day. It’s our duty as Americans.

And until Election Day, let’s simmer down and remember to breathe.


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