Posted by: wantpeacework4justice | August 13, 2008

Drowning on Orchard Mesa Canal.

Maggie’s (Chris’s Dog) demise occurred here at the top of the orchard mesa irrigation district canal. 
Here you can see where the dogs jumped in.  They jumped on the wall and jumped right in the water, where it was impossible for them to get out.  They were swept into the underground tunnel, which was quite long – probably at least 3/8 of a mile.  Also, it only has about 6 inches to a foot (at the most) of air space at the top.
  When they came out of the tunnel, they were still unable to exit the canal because of the canal walls, which you can see here:
After about 3/4 mile or so, the canal opened up, and Daisy was able to climb out onto the bank.  When I found the end of the canal, I found her running along the bank.  Maggie was already drown though.  I found her body floating down the canal and instructed Daisy to pull her body to shore, which she did, but it took a while.
This is a picture of Daisy after the accident.
We found out later that Daisy had a lot of water in her lungs, so she had to sleep at the hospital in an oxygen cage and had an IV to get the fluid out of her lungs.  She is okay now.  The doctor said that is is common for dogs and humans to drown a couple hours after the near-drowning experience.  They can appear fine immediately after, but then, a few hours later, the lungs fill up with water.  That’s what happened here.
Careful out there.

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