Posted by: wantpeacework4justice | May 27, 2008

The Iron Horse

The Iron Horse RR was cancelled on Saturday, due to 12 in. of new snow at the top of the passes, and 5 in. of snow at Perg.  A mixture of let-down and relief…. And, lots of energy due to carbo-loading and tapering that had to be saved for the next day… Sunday, when I raced againt some of the best in the world – – got lapped twice, and eventually pulled out at the end because I was on the wrong side of the course for lapped riders and was in people’s way.  It was really an amazing experience just to be in the same field as Longo.  She called T-Rock a crazy woman, b/c T-Rock sprinted for one of the primes, winning and throwing her bike forward, touched Longo’s handlebars and almost created a crash…

Longo won everything… at age 49!  She is incredible.

I think the TT went a bit better for me than the Crit… but I don’t know what my result was yet.

On the way home, Chris and I biked up land’s end road a bit… It feels so good to be on a mtn. bike after a road bike race weekend (and, vice versa)…


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