Posted by: wantpeacework4justice | May 7, 2008

Top 10 Things I Learned at the Gila

I did not see a gila monster, but I did have an intimate encouter with this fine lizard.

1.  Don’t lead for more than 30 seconds in a 30 mph head-wind.

2.  Sometimes the hardest part about winning a sprint is getting around or out of the middle of the pack…. Positioning!

3.  It is not a good idea to start your final sprint with a mile left to race, unless you are Shantelle Pierce.

4.  Solo break-aways are never a good idea when you still have over sixty miles to go.

5.  Tall people need extra help in aero-dynamics; and, tall people are great to draft behind.

6.  Always bring curative pills, like ibuprofen and tums, with you to long stage races, even if you think you won’t need them.

7.  Don’t let the old ladies talk you into eating Chinese food every night, even if the “lo mein is great carbo loading.”

8.  Remember to bring your body glitter and good music.

9.  Don’t worry about what you cannot control, like the possibility of getting a flat tire or who you will be racing against. . . instead, worry about what you can control, like staying on wheels and avoiding crashes.

10.  Take time to learn about, experience, and appreciate the people, culture, and surroundings of the area you travelled to for the race; then, even if you race poorly, you will still have some great memories to bring back home.



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