Posted by: wantpeacework4justice | April 24, 2008

A text message from Mom?

That’s right, I got a text message from my mom last night – at 11pm.  I was confused and thought that one of my sisters must have stolen her phone.  So, I rang her this morning, and she did not pick up.  I left a message inquiring as to the mysterious text.  Minutes later, she texted me again, writing:  “Baby.  I’m cool, i’m smoking.  I’m one hot mama!  uh huh.  Oh yeah”  Then, I knew it was really my mom.   Yikes.

I guess I’m glad for text messaging.  It is really handy sometimes.  I was against it for quite a while and had it blocked for about 8 months.  Mostly because I thought that if someone really wanted to talk to me, they should just call.  My bitterness ended when I was in Alaska and wanted to text my friends but not have a full conversation while I was “on the job…”  So, now I am a happy texter.

Today is running day again and I am thrilled about that.  Last week, I had a sushi roll after the trail run at Zen Garden, and it was so delicious, I may do that again as well.  I could start my own tradition.



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