Posted by: wantpeacework4justice | April 9, 2008

Enjoy Life!

Sometimes, we forget to enjoy life…. Our own, our children’s, our pets, our Earth…

I am guilty.  I often get so wrapped up in trying to make my life better, that I fail to enoy my present life – lost in the quest, instead of enjoying the journey – which is, we all know, what it is all about…

When I go tele-skiing with someone new, I always tell them what a friend once told me, “it’s all about the walk.”  A good motto for life… The down-hill part only takes a few minutes.  Yes, it is thrilling and pur fun, and, in fact, that’s why we all walked uphill to begin with.  But, the walk uphill is when you have time to talk with your friends, think about things, sweat, gain an appreciation for gravity…. Plus, it makes the downhill all the more exhilerating.  And, I like the term “walk” instead of “hike.”  “Hike” sounds really tough, while a walk; well, anyone that can walks.

Once, my twin sister came to visit me in Utah and I tookher on a trip to southern Utah.  We hiked Bryce Canyon one day, and the next day I wanted to hike Zion.  Shelly said that she could do no more hiking.  So, I said, “well, let’s just take a walk then.”  I took her on the same trail that we were going to “hike.”  The mind is as powerful as our bodies.

I think that a lot of parents are guilty.  They overschedule their children, trying to mold them into perfect little humans who will grow up to be better than they ever were…. That, they think, is success.

I am not a parent.  I think it would be extremely difficult to decide where to draw the line between intervention and letting go with your child.  How much do you push, and when do you let them decide.  When do you let them learn their own lessons, the hard way, and when do you prevent?  It hurts to watch a loved one fall.

I have been guilty as a teacher and a coach.

As a coach, there were times that I pushed too hard; and focused too much on the racing results.  My kids always performed better when they were happier and healthier – which, for me, meant not overtraining them, playing games, and OMG – cross training.

I have to remember that in my xc ski program – to build a base and not push the racing too soon… The athletes that want to race will… But for the majority, who won’t, I need to remember my role in introducing a lifelong activity and make it fun for them so that they will continue with the sport throughout their lives.  At the community races, there seem to be a lack of racers aged 18-40.  I think that part of this is caused by burnout.

Finally, as a teacher, I think results too get in the way of the enjoyment of learning.  All kids want to learn; they will not all perform equally.   There’s a lot I can say about that, but now I have to get back to work and bill my time …. that should be another topic.



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