Posted by: wantpeacework4justice | April 7, 2008

Settle Down

Yabba Dabba Doo.

I feel like Jerry Seinfeld in that “Even Steven” episode, where Jerry consistently and effortlessly replaced what he lost.

This morning was a gloomy, Monday morning – heavy rain and skies so grey the mountains disappeared.  At work, I look at the file that I could not wait one more day to procrastinate about, and opened it to begin work on my Complaint/Foreclosure action, soon realizing that I had created a major conflict of interest last week when I drafted a Complaint for another client to foreclose a lien against the same adverse party.  Now, of course I realized that both clients had the same adverse party, but my plan was that I could file suit in two different counties and thus avoid the conflict.  Well, In the one case, I had filed liens in two counties, and realized that I was required to add them as a defendant in the county that I was filing a complaint for in that county.  Shit. 

In a bit of a panic, I called the company I was about to sue to follow up with a conversation early last week about settling.  I had given them the figure to pay.  Then, during my lunch break, I went home to take a nap.  When I came back to work, it was sunny, and I found a letter from “the company” on my desk with checks attached.  Holy mother of God was I happy.  I avoided a big time screw-up, AND I don’t have to draft a complaint.  So instead, I’ll blog.

On another note, I went skiing at Beaver Creek on Saturday, and was blown away by the extravagence of the entire resort.  We drove in to what looked like a gated community – with guards and gates.  I asked my friend if he was sure this was the ski area.  It was.  [If there was a footnote option here, I would write that Megan got hit by a BC bus today.  She is okay, her car is a bit dented; hopefully, she’ll get some cash out of it]. 

When we were walking to the mountain, WAIT.  There wasn’t much walking involved, because they have outdoor escalators!  That’s right! You take escalators to get up to the mountain to ski.  I felt like I was in Las Vegas or Disneyland. 

Their grooming machines caroused the mountain like tanks.  Which reminds me… I want to write a complaint letter about the sirens.  Yes, they had sirens.  You’d be skiing down the mountain, listening to the sound of your skis whisk across the snow, and then your senses would be interrupted by sounds of the city:  police or ambulance sirens coming from the snow grooming machines.  It was quite disturbing.  Perhaps it makes some of the tourists feel more at home.

Oh, and a lift ticket is $91.00.  [I did not pay for this.]

The whole experience made me really appreciate my little hometown mountain, Powderhorn.

I think I’ll hike for some powder this evening.


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